My Story

About Pamela

Born in Lima Peru, raised in Canada, Pamela knew at a very young age she did not like the cold. Always yearning for summer and heat, Pamela new deep in her soul Canada would not be her home forever. As soon as Pamela was able to travel on her own she set out to discover new beautiful places and of course…beach!!! Her travels brought her to visit and live in many places including California, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, France and Spain just to name a few.

Although Pamela was always on the go, that didn’t stop her from staying stylish. Spending many holidays in Peru while growing up, Pamela was always fascinated with the beautiful and unique silver jewelry from her beloved Peru. The precise detail and craftsmanship that went into each piece was truly amazing. She found beautiful and unique pieces that could be worn on any occasion, versatile jewelry that could be dressed up or down.

Pamela learnt that having a jet set lifestyle didn’t always allow for lot’s of luggage. She realized that you don’t need to pack a ton to look great. By choosing a few outfits that could be accessorized with diverse jewelry pieces could have you looking fabulous with minimal effort.  This is when Ima was born.

Ima is proud to present you with the finest selection of beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry made by local artisans in Peru. Only the most feminine and sophisticated pieces for strong, sophisticated and free spirited women on the go everywhere.


Our name, Ima, originates from Quechua, the language of the Incas (which is still spoken in the highlands of Peru). Ima is a name for girls meaning “great beauty”.

Special Thanks

A big thank you goes out to my beautiful twin sister Paola. Thank you so much for all your love and support, and for being my beautiful model. You represent the very essence of Ima, strong, sophisticated and free spirited, thank you for helping us look so good!. Thank you for always believing in me, you are my best friend, partner in crime and other half of my heart. Love you so much sis xx

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